Kick Off the New Year with Sustainable High Performance

image: high fiveCompanies often hit the ‘snooze button’ the last few weeks of the year.  This results in a need for a jump-start to get things going in January.  Scrambling to play catch-up, an organization may fail to realize that there are some basic business sustainability actions that can kick off sustainable development in the New Year.  

Engaging and motivating an organization has become not only critical to office productivity but essential to long-term business sustainability. Many studies now indicate that one of several keys to business sustainability is the quality and effectiveness of a company’s internal resources.  This has many organizations incorporating business sustainability and individual performance as lockstep goals for 2012.

Focusing on the characteristics of today’s leading organizations, our sustainability consulting opens the New Year by expanding its understanding of organizational performance. Leveraging the post, 10 Proven Strategies of High-Performance Teams, our sustainability consulting examines the post’s definition of ‘genetic structure’ of a high performance organization.  Some of the key take-aways include:
  • Management can set controls through vision and culture, but a team needs room to experiment and even fail.
  • Innovation is dependent the creativity of critical thinkers.
  • Leading firms are forming entrepreneurial teams to promote innovation.

Our professional consulting has observed that the companies that excel
organizationally are those who expand and enhance traditional business structures.   Sustainable businesses strategies aimed to increase profitability are pursuing employee engagement and increased productivity as a high value opportunity in 2012. 

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