Leveraging Internal Resources to Drive Sustainable Business Change

image: HRToo often, executives view business sustainability as something external to the company.  They look to their competition to see what they are doing and if those actions can have an immediate impact on their operations.  While an external solution can be one answer, sustainable development is a commitment to change that most often originates and is driven from within the organization.

Building on this concept, our sustainability consulting practice leverages insight from GreenBiz on internally driven change.  Contained within the recent post, 10 Tips to Improve Your Buildings' Operational Efficiency, are a number of sustainability concepts that can be easily and quickly integrated into the daily operations of your organization

  1. Measure water usage and waste.
  2. Train your facilities staff on how to improve operational efficiency.
  3. Rethink water conservation opportunities.
  4. Maintain equipment for maximum efficiency.
  5. Take the stress off your equipment.
  6. Meet LEED standards.
  7. Commission building systems for optimal operation.
  8. Eliminate shake, rattle and waste.
  9. Purchase more efficient equipment.
  10. Work with green suppliers.

At Taiga Company, we have found that most sustainable business strategies focus on reducing environmental impact, embracing responsible purchasing, raising employee's eco awareness, and demonstrating the company's broader corporate sustainability plan.  For this reason it would make sense to explore how to take these high level sustainability concepts and pair them with internally driven movements of change.  

Transforming your office can be a stepping stone for the company to truly differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive and consumer conscious market.  It can also be an opportunity to communicate to stakeholders and the broader business world that the company is headed in a positive direction, responsive to change, and committed to addressing current expectations.  If you are interested in any of the business sustainability concepts above, please search our blog for more information or contact us for ideas.

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