Making a Sustainability Impact – Where Are You in the Organization?

image: location Over the years our sustainability consulting has studied the green job market from both the employee and employer perspective.  We have discussed everything from the qualities of an ideal candidate to the characteristics of desirable company.  With a considerable amount of discussion focused on employee development, one might wonder about the reverse: what influence can individual have on a company?

Exploring this line of thinking, our sustainability consulting leverages insight from GreenBiz.  The post, How to Ensure Your Career is Having an Impact , explores the characteristics of the most influential jobs.  Leveraging the insight of a business sustainability recruiter, the article defines three major job categories.

  • Tier 1: Primary. These jobs carry an inherent link to social and/or environmental impact. Professionals in Tier 1 have the technical or business acumen to deconstruct a specific aspect of sustainability and operationalize it across their organization.  
  • Tier 2: Secondary. These are the connectors — the ones with the ideas, the enthusiasm but not necessarily the job titles or the academic knowledge of their Tier 1 colleagues. Opportunities for positive social and environmental change exist in their workplaces and jobs, but they are not the centerpiece of these jobs.
  • Tier 3: Calling. These individuals follow their calling. Unlike the primary or the secondary tiers, their projects are the direct outcome of individual passions and beliefs.

At Taiga Company, we believe that no matter if you work in a corporate culture in which employee action is encouraged or a more traditional culture with less communication, there are strategies to further facilitate eco awareness and be the green "go to" person within the organization.  Continue learning and developing your green knowledge, team building, and leadership skills.  Take an authentic interest and become involved in the value-added green projects and business sustainability initiatives.  These actions will differentiate you in the organization and propel you up the green corporate ladder.

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