Now the Time to Build a Sustainable Business Reputation

image: green clockMany businesses buy into the myth that you need to be an environmental focused company or offer a sustainable ‘green’ product or service for a sustainable business reputation to have real bottom line impact.  However, consumer and business preferences for sustainable practices are expanding beyond traditional ‘green’ offerings.  Sustainable business reputations are now affecting end customer sales and business relationships.

The dramatic increase in global eco awareness has resulted in a significant shift in ‘green’ consumer expectations.  Leading businesses are beginning to realize that consumers are now in driver’s seat and that business sustainability actions speak louder than words. 

According to a study by Green Seal, over 25 percent of consumers purchases are driven by product and company reputation.

Sustainable reputations are also factoring heavily into business to business relationships.  Large corporations, such as Wal-Mart, are setting new standards for suppliers.  In a bold statement, the company stated that supplier compliance with defined sustainability concepts was no longer an option, it was required.

A strong reputation is a critical component of every business, but it is especially important when driving consumer and business eco awareness.  Companies need to be able to demonstrate their business sustainability values through specific visible actions.

As a sustainability consultant, we advise all of our clients of the value in incorporating business sustainability into their core values and business processes.  Our professional consultants are working directly with clients to create value ties to a sustainable business reputation. 

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