PaperKarma: An End to Junk Mail

image: PaperKarmaDo you fall prey to routine habits out of convenience or do you take extra steps to embrace sustainability concepts in your daily life?   It seems in recent years being busy has become the rule rather than the exception.  With busy comes conveniences and sometimes conveniences means having to compromise on values.  Fortunately, that's no longer the case.  With growing eco awareness sprouting more and more environmentally friendly options, those living a busy and sustainable lifestyle can take easy eco action. Take for instance, junk mail.  How often do we complain about receiving it yet don't take action to stop it?  

Are you getting tons of junk mail that you wish would stop coming? If so, Than Paper Karma is the app for you!  The idea is simple: Paper Karma is a mobile phone app that allows you via the comfort of your home and the convenience of your mobile phone to stop unwanted junk mail from reaching your mail box. As the mail arrives, you take a picture of junk mail that you dont want to receive and upload it to the app. They do the work on their end to remove your address from the sender.  Green magic - no more junk mail!   The Paper Karma app is free and available via your phone or online via iTunes. The app is also compatible with Android mobile phones.

Other paperless ideas mentioned in our eco friendly training include:

  • Switch to online bill pay for your bill payments.  Most banks offer an online payment and it's easy to use.  
  • For the magazines and junk mail that you have already received, you can put it in the recycle bin or use it for creative expressions. In our personal consulting, part of creating a sustainability plan is identifying what would look like to that individual.  So, by cutting out pictures, words, images and descriptions that have meaning and capture what a sustainable lifestyle looks to you in a collage is one way to use those old papers up in a creative and environmentally friendly way and also use it as inspiration for your sustainable lifestyle.
  • Additional ideas on going paperless at home and at the office, can be found by downloading our free whitepaper here.

A primary aspect of a sustainable lifestyle is the recognition that every action is part of a larger whole and even the smallest change can make a difference. Taking eco action even on the simplest things like junk mail contributes to everyone’s efforts towards the greater environmental good. 

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