Planting the Seeds for Green

image: planting seedsIn response to a conversation I had yesterday, I've been wondering about the disconnect some perceive in living a sustainable lifestyle differently from their current means of living.  For instance, it seems that those challenged with eco awareness in daily life perceive it to be "outside" of them, external, or something else to take on that requires time and resources.  Or, the other case may be that a person may have awareness or be educated on what to do for the environment but may have difficulty translating that knowledge into daily habits in their life.  Regardless, the result is one being left with overwhelm and inactivity towards reaching goals of living a sustainable lifestyle.
In my personal consulting with individuals seeking to integrate sustainability concepts into their life, I find it useful to start with a bit of encouragement regarding sustainable living.  Sometimes the thought "a little bit of something, is a better than a whole lot of nothing" shifts one's perspective and sparks enthusiasm that generates forward momentum.
In a personal sustainability plan, we explore the components of a sustainable lifestyle and look to identify areas in one's life that could affect positive change:  organics, recycling, water / waste / energy management, sustainable travel, socially responsible investing, and so forth.   Some areas are more inspiring to others and it's those sparks of inspiration that are seeds for tomorrow's sustainable lifestyle.
By cultivating particular areas of interests while acknowledging that transformation does not occur all at once, breaths a bit of flexibility and allowance into a sustainability plan and encourages sustainable living.  Living a sustainable lifestyle is a journey.  I've noticed that if you are committed to a sustainable lifestyle, you will find yourself exploring and discovering new ways to bring eco awareness and sustainability concepts into your living habits.   

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