Remind Me: Why Does Sustainable Employee Engagement Matter?

image: engagement “The traditional view focuses on an employee’s ability to complete their individual assignments inside their function and inside their work unit, but this no longer reflects the realities of how work gets done.  Secular changes in how we work, accelerated by the proliferation of technology, have changed the profile of the “high performer.”  Our mission goals are more complex, our decisions are more driven by data, and our workflow requires more collaboration within and across agencies.”

This quote was taken from a February Corporate Executive Board post, Re-defining High Performance Based on Employee Network Productivity.  Herein, we were presented with and interesting discussion of internal engagement and its benefits to a company.  Our sustainability consulting took some key benefits from which to build on an on-going discussion.

  • Harnessing great ideas from other parts of the organization and using them in one’s own work
  • Soliciting colleagues’ ideas and opinions
  • Sharing insight, feedback and knowledge with other coworkers
  • Proactively cultivating their own networks of contacts as well as contributing to others’

At Taiga Company, we believe that increasing employee engagement means aligning the corporate business sustainability plan with employee incentives. As such, our sustainability consulting practice works with clients to build a focused business sustainability plan by engaging key stakeholders early in the development and implementation of each business sustainability strategy.

  • Establish a standard of sustainable business excellence
  • Bridge the present to the future
  • Transcend the status quo
  • Introduce business sustainability concepts and create innovative solutions

Evidence shows the employees can make a difference in internalizing sustainability and translating high-level commitments into action and results in a corporate sustainability plan.  When you consider that on a daily basis employees make far reaching decisions impacting an organization's environment and social consequences, one can’t argue that employee engagement matters and is a key component to accelerating sustainable business strategies.

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