Resources for Educating Consumers on Green Shopping

image: green shoppingNo doubt, sustainability needs educated consumers.   Have you noticed how "Green" is everywhere?  Enter a grocery store, and there are "green" products next to traditional ones.  Billboards on the highways promoting “green" homes.  How do you know which products truly embrace sustainability concepts versus traditional products with a marketing makeover?  

For those on the path of living a sustainable lifestyle, there’s power in leveraging purchases to support credible and sustainable businesses. Everything you buy affects the Earth, but some choices have a lesser impact. Educating yourself about the products you buy can empower you to make a difference in protecting the planet. It's called "green purchasing," and it's easy to do. The post, Green living: How to Shop Green offers suggestions on personal sustainable purchasing.  

Additionally, the post Social Shopping the Environmentally Friendly Way  expands the conversation buy including additional areas to be considered in shopping green: 

  • Beware of Greenwashing
  • Shopping for the Eco-Friendly Home
  • Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags
  • Food Choices That Are As Good For The Body As For The Planet
  • Best for Baby, Best for Mom, Best for the Planet
  • Eco-Friendly Fashionista
  • Go Green Go Back to School
  • Pets
  • Special Occasion Shopping List 

With a little education and pre-planning, it's easy to maintain eco awareness in your shopping- even during the most inconvenient times.  As consumers we all have a responsibility to personal eco integrity.  Aligning values and fulfilling on commitments to sustainability in our personal lives via sustainable purchasing is one means of holding us accountable for the very commitments and eco actions we are asking our leaders and sustainable businesses to make. 

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