Responsible Disposal: How to Get Rid of Your Stuff the Green Way


image: how does recycling work? What do the three arrows of the recycling symbol mean?  Do you know?  Each arrow represents one step in the three step process that completes the recycling loop.  The first arrow is the collection step. The second arrow is the manufacturing process in which recyclable materials are converted into new products and the third arrow represents the step where consumers purchase products made with recycled content. 

We've found in our eco friendly training, that most people living a sustainable lifestyle help the recycling effort by putting materials in their recycling bin but fail to realize the importance of completing the recycling loop by purchasing recycled products and reusing items. 

The business world is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve its supply chain management processes.  Leading companies are reaping the benefits from applying sustainability concepts to the acquisition of their goods and services.  As an individual seeking a more sustainable lifestyle, what can we learn from these corporate purchasing efforts?

 To begin, a primary aspect of pursuing a personal sustainability plan is the recognition that every action is part of a larger whole.  The purchases you make not only affect you and your family, but they also affect an entire supply chain that brought that item to market.  Also, how you dispose of unneeded items makes a difference.  Resources offered in our eco friendly training classes include ideas on how to responsible dispose of items no longer wanted.   As mentioned in our sustainability consulting practice, recycling resources are plentiful!  Get in on the action and take eco action today - Recycle! 

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