See How Easily You Can Build Sustainability into Your 2013 Business Plan

image: business plan A business plan is a map that leads an organization on one of an endless number of possible journeys.  It provides a common understanding to internal stakeholders and is a communication tool to the external world of company’s values, goals, and business sustainability strategies.  How has your 2012 business plan played out?  Has your business benefited from the cost savings and revenue building opportunities that business sustainability offers?  

With the 4th quarter of 2012 soon upon us, now is the perfect time to revisit your business plan and make changes for a new business environment.  Within our sustainability consulting practice, we find that integrating sustainability concepts into core business functions makes companies more nimble in a fast-changing world.  It also makes a business’s brands more attractive to consumers and its executive management more respected by employees, regulators and the financial markets. In short, the drivers for improved business sustainability equate to improved performance and cost savings.

Implementing business sustainability in today’s environment can be a delicate balance between planning for today and planning for the future. While many organizations are taking more conservative action, our sustainability consulting finds leading companies are reevaluating and retooling for the future. Kick start your 2013 success by finding out what sustainability can mean for your business.  

Reviewing this past year: Has your organization delayed business sustainability strategies to see how the market responds before taking action? Has management been afraid to commit resources and capital to sustainability initiatives?  Or, has your businesses harnessed the organizational power of sustainability to deliver top and bottom line results?  

What is on your 2013 checklist?  Diversity programs, wellness programs, sustainable procurement, telecommuting, remote commuting, investment recovery, community and stakeholder engagement, water, carbon, energy, waste management, and/ or a  commitment to renewable energy.  There's still time to plan.  We're here to help!  Get the conversation started!   

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