See How Easily You Can Get Started with Business Sustainability

image: Go time!Is your business lost in the expansive field of ‘green’?  Don’t worry you are not alone!

The gap between ‘awareness and action’ still represents the single largest opportunity for global business sustainability progress.  According to these figures, over half of all business leaders place sustainability as a business priority, yet only a small portion actually have an actionable business sustainability plan in place.  This gap represents a real and quantifiable competitive advantage for those ready to move.  The hardest step, for most, is often the first one.

 By shifting the traditional view of business sustainability as a resource drain to a true business value opportunity, more companies are clearing that first obstacle.  We find organizations are using applied sustainability concepts to define ways to:

 •    Cut operating costs through operational and supply chain efficiencies.

 •    Improve throughput through asset and capacity utilization.

 •    Stabilize base revenue through customer loyalty and retention.

•    Grow new revenue streams by responding to shifting consumer expectations.

•    Stabilize investment dollars and stock performance with an improved business reputation.

The next step is closing the growing gap between knowledge and business action.  With most of the business world still standing at the sustainability action crossroads, a proactive action plan with resource alignment could propel the organization right past the competition.   Our sustainability consulting encourages clients to:

 •    Review current business challenges as an opportunity for sustainable improvements.

•    Focus on what you want to achieve.

 •    Encourage stakeholder discussion in business change.

 •    Get employees reengaged in a positive business sustainability direction.

Approaching sustainability as a goal today and a foundation for the future, early movers will develop competencies that rivals will be hard-pressed to match.  Our sustainability consulting experience has shown there to be an exponentially increasing number of benefits to sustainability, and we interact with organizations eager to tap into this business sustainability value.  


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