Six Sustainable Culture Change Questions for Your Business

image: changeOver the past few years, our sustainability consulting has written and spoken a great deal about how successful business sustainability cultures focus on communication and learning.  We believe that by allowing for flexibility and promoting innovation across the value chain, an organization can capture the interests of current and future employees.  But how does this transformative process actually take shape in the real world?

“When attempting to foster a culture of process improvement at your organization it is important to indicate that you understand how changes will affect your staff…involve employees in the design of new improvements and hire a staff that is committed to your mission.”

This quote summarizes the insight from a recent HBR post, Understanding Fear of Process Improvement.  Expanding on the feedback from leaders in several industries, the article probes the questions that often stump business sustainability and sustainable process improvements.

  • Why do cultures resist change? 
  • Why are they successful? 
  • Why don't we try new practices? 
  • Why do we need habits? 
  • When do we create new habits? 
  • Why does it take a long time to change habits? 

Our sustainability consulting believes that a business sustainability culture is all about inclusion. By embracing sustainability’s core principals of inclusion, transparency, and engaged communication with stakeholders, a sustainable business culture is not only possible but actually encourages well being and satisfaction within multiple levels in the organization.   




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