Small Business Jumping over Hurdles to Go Green

image: business jumping over hurdlesSmall businesses are arguably more affected by the financial pressures and resource constraints in responding to dramatic changes in the market.  For many of these organizations, just weathering the storm is often the immediate goal.  For small business taking proactive sustainability actions, the opportunity to grow becomes much more visible.  

In a recent conversation with a prospective small business client, we discussed the expansive opportunity to expand and grow their business as a sustainable business and product supplier.  Drilling past the surface, we discovered some of the common obstacles keeping this organization, like many others, from aggressively pursuing the numerous benefits of a long-term business sustainability plan.  In this case, the value had already been defined and the opportunity rests in how to address some common small business challenges.

•    How much is it going to cost us?

•    Can we get the financing to make capital improvements?

•    Where are we going to find the available resources required?

•    How is this going to affect our current operations?

To address these challenges, well positioned small businesses are creating a business case  for sustainability.  These companies are defining opportunities for improvement, linking them to specific business metrics, and creating scorecards to evaluate success.  With the ability to demonstrate visibility and control, companies open themselves up to financial and business growth opportunities in new markets and with a larger number of customers.   

At Taiga Company, our professional consulting understands the challenges facing resource limited companies.  Our small business resources work directly with clients to create a company specific case for sustainability and seek to leverage resources already available within the organization.  We help companies define specific sustainability concepts that match organizational or individual work group value drivers.  Are you looking for ways to get started?  Our small business resource offerings include consulting on these topics and more.  

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