Social Media for Stakeholder Engagement

image: social media and stakeholder engagementOur professional consulting practice considers traditional marketing activities as resource intensive and waste producing.  A small business resource available to replace traditional marketing efforts is leveraging the power of social media.  Social media is an improved marketing alternative that eliminates the use of paper, ink, transportation, and distribution - all associated with traditional marketing: trade shows, direct mail, and print ads.   Our professional consulting views it as a viable business strategy for businesses integrating eco awareness in the building of a sustainable business.  
Why?  Because social media is an opportunity for your business to engage in conversation by publishing information, promoting others, asking questions and gathering feedback.  Engaging in community is embracing the sustainability concept of stakeholder engagement.  Engaging stakeholders is not only a means of building sustainable business, but it is also a powerful way to master clear communication of the environmental business initiatives your company is pursuing. 
Take for example, Taiga Company's twitter stream.  Taiga Company's Twitter stream focuses on the following:
  • News, jobs, and information for green issues;
  • Sustainable living, business sustainability and best practices;
  • Energy issues,
  • Topics ranging from politics, health, philanthropy and economy. 
  • Resources and "how to" help to adopt sustainability concepts
The stream is suited for those interested in sustainable living, business sustainability programs, and spreading eco awareness with the intention of sparking eco action in others.  In addition, it is one form of stakeholder engagement utilized to listen to, respond, engage, and communicate with others important to our business.
Within our business sustainability consulting, we view social media as an improved marketing alternative and a viable business strategy for businesses integrating eco awareness in the building of a sustainable business.   We invite you to join the conversation, follow us on Twitter or become a fan on facebook.  We look forward to hearing from you.     

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