Social Media Marketing Tools for Today's Ecoprenuer

As a professional consultant providing social media for sustainability communications services, I work with a range of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non profits in an increasingly expanding number of industries.   While each social media engagement program provides its own learnings, some of the most rewarding experiences involve assisting new eco conscious business owners get their feet off the ground.  Why?  Because these ‘ecopreneurs’  are bringing eco awareness to their surrounding industries and contribute to positive change to help the planet.  

Based on these experiences, including our own Taiga Company story, we are often asked: what tools, small business resources, and key learnings are required for social media success in marketing a green product or service?  That's a loaded question!  Yet, here's food for thought: 

Navigating social media can be a confusing labyrinth of choices, especially for the small business owner who may be short on time and money to dedicate to their marketing activities. Fortunately, we have two great solutions to help!

Introducing our newest online social media program - The Social Media Power BOOST.  The Social Media Power BOOST is a one-on-one, 60 minute, affordable, Social Media Power BOOST session to skyrocket one of your social media platforms to social media success.  It's easy and specifically designed to get you the help, answers, and results you are looking for to optimize your social media marketing strategy.

And, launching soon - The Blogging for Better Business online social media training program!   You'll have to stay tuned for details but if you want to get in on the launch and special pricing, subscribe to our newsletter now!  

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