Strategic Sustainability Playbook

image: playbookIn a recent 2008 poll, 50% of businesses reported to have a sustainability strategy already in place and another 27% responded that they were working on one. 

Businesses will tell you that a strategy is only as good as the company’s ability to implement it.  You have also probably heard the saying, “every boxer has a strategy until hit with the first punch”.

At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting works with clients to develop strategies that meet specific needs.   We utilize processes and tools to engage members of the organization in a way that most efficiently generates defined results.

Cost effective strategies are employed when dollars, resources and time are in short supply.  These practices can be an effective way to identify obvious areas of business sustainability improvement and address quick and easy solutions.

  • Low-Hanging Fruit Strategy: Often already known areas of improvements, this is a process of capturing low-cost, low-risk easily identifiable solutions.
  • Silver Bullet Strategy: A singular focused initiative that significantly alters the current state.

Risk management strategies are typically focused on addressing internal weak points in an attempt to protect the bottom line.  This is a tactic often employed when considering a sustainability concept that is seen as having a potentially large negative impact.

  • Benchmarking Strategy: A focused external practice to gain information on best practices through proactive observation of peers and applying similar practices internally.
  • Lessons learned Strategy: An internal process of acquiring information on exposure points through internal observation and implementing measures for change.

Risk management can be a starting point for addressing vulnerabilities in business sustainability.  However, progressive strategies seek out opportunities that add value.  These strategies are often viewed as leading actions and the marks of the most progressive companies.

  • Innovation Strategy: A shift in the way something is currently being done to make radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, and processes.

Picking the right business sustainability strategy is not always an easy task and sometimes you are not going to get it right.  When you do, it is going to be a mark of distinction from the competition.  Our strategic sustainability consulting can help you find the right match.

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