Sustainability: Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

image: quoteAs a sustainability consultant, I share with clients the idea that each individual’s thoughts and actions are like stones thrown into still waters:  they create ripples that spread and expand as they move outwards.  Now if you believe, as we do, that sustainability is in everything we think and everything we do, then the integration of sustainability concepts into everyday action acts like that stone sending ripples of change into the world around you.

Exploring this concept further we leverage a recent Forbes Magazine article, Three Quick Thoughts on Innovation: It's About Nurturing Ideas  discusses creative thought and break-through innovation.  It specifically targets the traditional barriers to enthusiasm and means to transcend these obstacles. 

“Great innovations happen because enough people want to be innovative, want the innovations to be useful, and are convinced they have the permission to try to be innovative. These conditions are not natural. They need to be created and nurtured. And they can be.”

Promoting sustainable action and inspiring others can take all forms and shapes.  In our sustainability consulting, we address eco awareness and the integration of sustainability concepts into daily living as part of a personal sustainability plan.  We emphasized following your passions and avoiding sustainability concepts that simply do not fit your lifestyle.  Start by:

  • Following the path that is most inspiring to you.
  • Expanding your eco awareness on these topics, then shift to alternative choices and behavior changes.
  • Don’t try to take it all on at once, remember small changes add up.
  • Consistency over volume: daily and regular practices have the most impact.
  • Reward your successes. 
  • Momentum brings visibility to previously inaccessible ideas and behaviors.
  • From your personal sustainability success will come new inspiration.

By capitalizing on the power of inspiration and focusing on personal value drivers in the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle, anyone can build a personal sustainability plan that works for them.  Our sustainability consulting works with clients to build a sustainability programs that add value by expanding personal  eco awareness, encouraging the experimentation with sustainability concepts, and taking steps to implement actions that meet specific sustainable lifestyle needs.  Start by following your own sustainability passions today!

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