Sustainability has a New Approach to the ‘Green’

image: golf ballsIn a recent Environmental Leader post, Golf Industry Commits to Sustainability Measures, our sustainability consulting takes note of a campaign to raise eco awareness with a segment of the general population who is typically more concerned with a different type of ‘green’.

“The International Golf Federation, which includes member organizations representing more than 150 countries, agreed to a policy that will make sustainability a core priority within the sport through a number of initiatives aimed at conserving water, reducing impact on land and increasing awareness…The IGF outlined eight sustainability measures, including a commitment to expand awareness among golfers and golf facilities; help golf facilities to incorporate sustainable principles and practices into daily business decisions; conduct high profile golf events in an environmentally responsible manner; and embrace measurement, target setting, transparency and verification.”

While some may disagree with the true impacts that these measures may have at their neighborhood municipal golf courses and the local communities, our sustainability consulting instead focuses on and promotes the broader effort to raise eco awareness.  Highlighting new technologies to reduce the consumption of resources, these projects have the potential to spark interest and spark idea generation in local communities around the world.

At Taiga Company, we believe that ‘sustainability’ is about more than just implementing solutions.  It is about creating an evolving mindset through the engagement of a broadening stakeholder group who continuously pushes the leading-edge to create true innovation.  We invite you to join us in this journey of expanding eco awareness.

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