Sustainability: When is Failure an Option?

image: oops!We have all heard the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”.  It is this non-traditional allowance of trial–failure–trial that is reshaping the cultures of many business sustainability minded organizations today.

Illustrating this concept, our sustainability consulting practice gathers insight from the Harvard Business Review.  Contained within the recent post, How Big Companies Can Save Innovation, the journal expresses the value entrepreneurial actions can have on a company’s success.   Focused on enhancing a more embracive culture, the author asks business sustainability leaders to consider three basic questions:

  • Do we take advantage of our global scale in the quest to identify up and coming talent?
  • Does our internal environment support the work done by potential catalysts?
  • Are we as innovative in our approach to talent identification and development as we are in our efforts to develop new products and services?

Our sustainability consulting firmly believes that creative thought can generate from within your own company at the ground level, from the customers you service and the suppliers who serve your business.  Often employees have the information and ideas to make a significant contribution but are often limited by the structures of the organization.  

We believe a key to success is to create a corporate culture that encourages and rewards innovation at all levels of the organization, both internal and beyond the walls of the company.  Taiga Company offers social media engagement services to enhance the flow of information and innovative ideas into and throughout an organization.  Visit us to learn more.

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