Sustainable Product Development through the Eyes of the Customer


image: brain As a one of the primary interests of Taiga Company, we consistenly examine traditional business models and the enhancement to them with an increase stakeholder engagement.  Continuing with this conversation, we leverage a recent Financial Post article Product Development and Customer Relationship Development Go Hand in Hand.  This post describes one company’s journey down the road of integration and co-development with its end customers.

“At Greengage Mobile, product development and customer development have gone hand in hand. Staying close and working with initial and prospective clients throughout the early stages of product design/development has ensured we are building a minimal viable product that meets their immediate needs…This process has been integral in the development of both product and clients. As the conversation unfolds with clients, we gain insights into our product that we hadn’t thought of but equally important, it strengthens client relationships.”

With the shift in consumer preferences over the past few years, companies are beginning to realize the growing need to engage a broader set of stakeholders in their product development and design.  However, many questions still remain once the products are in the hands of the consumer.  

Our sustainability consulting firmly believes that an open innovation approach fosters an environment for creative ideas and inspired actions from both internal and external stakeholders.   Recognizing that key stakeholders have a vested interest the success of the company, an organization creates an openness to new ideas that promote business sustainability success and innovative ideas and in many cases improved product development. 

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