Sustainable SCM - Engagement is the Key to Lean

image: lean As we move forward into a new age of expanded eco awareness, our sustainability consulting finds that the business practices of the past continue to evolve to meet shifting global expectations of the future.  This forward business sustainability progress can be most easily seen in the continuously evolving sustainable supply chain. 

In the Smart Business article, How to become a leaner company and streamline your operations, the author explores the implementation of business sustainability concepts in a continued volatile market.  Gathering insight from one professional consulting firm, the post explores the following sustainable supply chain questions:
  • How do you define a lean organization?
  • What steps can an organization take to start becoming leaner?
  • What types of analysis can management perform to improve a company’s operations?
  • How can an organization quantify risks to cash flow?
  • What are some mistakes organizations make when proceeding toward lean operations?

The key to capitalizing on the forward momentum involves more that simply jumping on board with the actions of others.  Companies who take the wheel to set direction for their supply chain are a step
ahead of the competition.   Our sustainability consulting believes engagement is at the heart of any sustainable supply chain management strategy, including lean.

“Employee buy-in is critical for successfully implementing lean product development. Companies can gain support by targeting communications to business partners around the ROI of lean initiatives, and by instituting training programs on lean principles to increase organizational buy in.” –Procurement Strategy Council

Today’s sustainable supply chain organizations are focusing on integrating sustainability concepts directly into their purchasing processes to not only improve supply chain performance but to establish their next-generation sustainable supply chain management.  The success of these efforts relies heavily on the effective engagement of the company’s internal and external business stakeholders.  Taiga Company offers information and resources to businesses seeking to optimize this communication gateway.

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