Sustainable Talent Management Guidance from Elite Coaching

image: coachingA recovering job market has made it increasingly important to protect the valuable knowledge and required skills to respond to an increasingly dynamic business environment.   To meet growing business sustainability demands and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition, businesses are now taking a hard look at their talent pool.  These actions include both sourcing new talent, but more importantly cultivating the valuable resources already in the organization.

Providing a unique perspective, the Harvard Business Review post, Five Coaching Strengths that Produce Champions, compares the recent Olympic coaching tactics with business sustainability talent management.  Leveraging the strategies to motivate these elite individuals, the article offers transcending guidance.

  • Build your employee's development plan on her natural talents and interests. 
  • Create a relationship of trust and respect. 
  • Audit your employee's world at work. 
  • Remove obstacles to success.
  • Provide the perspective on the organization that your employee can't possibly see from her position. 

Having the right people in place has always been a critical component to business sustainability success.  The ability to plan and take action to address resource demands has long been a defining characteristic of a successful business.  

In fact, our sustainability consulting finds that today’s highly effective organizations in the current climate recognize the talent of the future does not reside exclusively or even in a large part outside the walls of the current organization.  Instead, these leaders are creating business sustainability cultures to define, retain and motivate their top internal eco-talent.  Through consistent, clear communication and employee engagement, companies are creating an optimal mix of sustainable skills for the future.


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