Sustainable Talent Remains a Top Business Priority- Here's Why

image: talent puzzleTo meet the growing demands of business sustainability and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition, leading companies are taking a much harder look at their talent pool and the skill sets that will be required for future success.  Because having the ‘right’ people in place will be essential to corporate stability, our professional consulting deems ‘sustainable’ talent management top business priority.  But what are others saying?

“Flat organizational structures and legacy career plans that focus on technical skill development make it difficult to provide mid-career professionals with the leadership and execution opportunities they need to advance.  Leading R&D organizations differentiate between education and experiential learning. They make business rotations a core part of R&D employee development and develop compelling career paths for both technical and managerial roles.”  -Corporate Executive Board Views

Building upon these comments we turn our attention to the Harvard Business Review post, Bring Back the Organization Man.  Focused on both talent acquisition and development, the article offers insight into varying sustainable talent management approaches around the world.  Where one model may work in the US, there may be other considerations in other parts of the company.

Our sustainability consulting believes that the ability to identify, select, develop, and retain quality employees can set an organization apart.  We find that progressive companies are developing specific business sustainability strategies to attract and manage their top ‘green’ talent.   These organizations are utilizing an expanded view of talent management that encompasses alternative skills and less traditional lifecycle of an employee’s career.  Leading ‘green’ talent organizations are responding by addressing the challenges of:

  • How to determine the characteristics needed in a sustainable workforce?
  • How to develop, engage, and retain top performers and sustainability leaders?
  • How to conduct effective employee retention and succession planning to ensure a diverse sustainable leadership pipeline for the future?

The ability to plan and take action to address resource demands has long been a defining characteristic of a successful business.  Our sustainability consulting works with companies to understand the value of the ‘right’ talent as part of an overall business sustainability plan. 

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