Taking that First Step Towards Sustainable Change

image: baby bird flying out of the nestMost of us recognize that change can be unsettling.  It can be scary, and too often it is just easier to slip back into a traditional and comfortable way of doing things.  However, implementing effective sustainable change does not have to be a laboring process.

All too often, we turn our attention to the barriers and roadblocks to the incorporating sustainability concepts into our businesses and personal lives.  There is a tendency to take too broad of a view of the concept of sustainability and become overwhelmed by its magnitude and our ability to make change.  Instead, we need to focus on the benefits we are individually trying to achieve from a specific change. 

As a sustainability consultant working with businesses and individuals, we encourage clients to be aware that sustainable change can be easily integrated into daily living when it is realistic, achievable and beneficial.  In a recent post, we discussed the following initial questions to facilitate change in a sustainability plan.

•    What is it that you are looking to achieve?
•    Is the desired outcome within your control?
•    What will be the personal benefits resulting from the change?

Taking this information, the next step is to apply your eco awareness to a focused approach that will facilitate the desired lasting results. By breaking down the ‘sustainability giant’ into a personal sustainability plan with manageable steps, you can ensure that the approach will be aligned with your own sustainability objectives.

•    Define your long-term personal sustainability values.
•    Establish a vision for what sustainability looks like in your daily life.
•    Determine where you are in the pursuit of your sustainable lifestyle.
•    Clearly state where you want be.
•    Identify your sustainable growth potential (integrate easy items first to build momentum).
•    Engage others in the process if necessary.
•    Acknowledge the joy and fun you feel from achieved benefits.

The pursuit of business sustainability or a personal sustainable lifestyle is a continuous improvement process that can be easily integrated into your current world.  At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting works with clients to build sustainability concepts directly into business practices and personal daily living.  We work with individuals and groups to release resistance and embrace the benefits of personal and business sustainability.

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