The Gold Rush of our Generation

image: gold rush trailAs John Doerr commented on the greentech market,  “It’s probably the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century,” in an article in GreenBiz today, Vital to Business Survival: Reading the Signs of Change, GreenBiz writes about the next big disruptive change in our era.  

Emerging markets for new products and services are emerging. This translates into new businesses, employment, and a wealth of opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs.  We are moving from a sub-industry of environmental business to big business across all industries. 
Sustainability concepts are making there way into just about every market.

Eco awareness, business sustainability, and “going green” is not going away.   These sustainability concepts will continue to create opportunity for individuals and businesses. 

At Taiga Company, we view the current and upcoming changes as personal and professional opportunities to contribute and positively impact our businesses and our lives through innovation. In fact, we see it as the opportunity of our lifetime.  Individuals and businesses from around the globe are responding to take action in pursuit of these changes.  

While it could be viewed as a disruptive change by some, it is an inviting opportunity for others.  Our professional consulting can help you find those nuggets.

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