The Growing Need for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

image: Social MediaThere is a sustainable business mindset that is gaining tremendous momentum, yet many companies are still just coming to grips with it: Today’s consumers are becoming more socio/eco aware and companies with a traditional business approach are sure to witness a diminishing return in simple product marketing. 

Described in greater detail in the Bloomberg Business week article, The Key to Success? Your Corporate Mission, today’s consumers are less focused on products than they are on the companies who sell them.  

“The world has wised up. No one is going to be tricked into buying something by cute TV commercials. In the Internet Age, everyone has the ability to find out everything about your company, market, and products. If you want to sell, you’d better show customers that you care intensely about your product and what it stands for.”

This increase in buyer eco awareness has resulted in a significant shift in sustainable business expectations. Our sustainability consulting finds that companies now realize that a solid reputation goes beyond product characteristics.  Consumers want to know they are being heard. Are you listening to what the world is saying about your company?

The simple truth is that consumers are now in driver’s seat and business sustainability actions speak louder than words.  In fact, a study by Green Seal and EnviroMedia Social Marketing reveals:
  • Only 9 percent of consumer say green advertising is their primary influencer
  • 15 percent cite brand loyalty
  • 19 percent say word of mouth
  • And 25 percent of consumers say it is a product’s reputation

A strong emphasis on reputation management is not a new concept, but it has become especially important in driving consumer eco awareness and business sustainability perception.  The key is to not just promote but to engage with the outside world.  Our sustainability consulting works with clients to leverage the power of two-way stakeholder communication as part of a business sustainability social media strategy.  Come visit with us to find out more.

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