The Reinvented World: Getting to Green

image: Innovation in a Reinvented WorldSuccess in today's reinvented world requires a myriad of skills, experience, and tools.  Business leaders are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their businesses.  One of the most dramatic ways to reshape your entire company, from top to bottom, is to examine the processes that run through it.   Business sustainability is argued to be a powerful force in reshaping business objectives and corresponding processes.  

Exploring this topic, we share our thoughts in an upcoming interview, Getting to Green.  Coming  this Wednesday, September 19, 2012 with our host Dee McCrorey, we'll discuss: 

  • Does size matter in business when introducing Green policies? 
  • What do leaders need to know before they introduce Green strategies into their companies?
  • What are U.S. businesses doing around sustainable supply chains?
  • Let’s talk about green catalysts for change. What tips could you offer someone who wants to take a more active role in leading sustainability change inside their companies?
  • How can small businesses use social media for sustainability?

Dee McCrorey is the author of Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business (Wiley, 2011), a practical guide for thriving in a new reality.  We're excited to be a part of this fabulous series! Take a listen this Wednesday

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