The Value of Exceptional Customer Service

image: customer serviceBusinesses and individuals across the globe are feeling the impact of today's economic crisis.  Concerns, worry, anxiety, fear, and perceptions of lack all run strong and deep and are captured in today's media.  We hear about it in our conversations with co-workers and family, emails, and even our own thoughts.   Add to that, limited small business resources and rising employment concerns, it is truly an amazing, remarkable experience to find a moment of relief, much less feel bright and positive.
Outstanding customer service is the very opportunity for your business to deliver that remarkable, amazing experience to your customer.  As a sustainability consultant, I like to think of the sustainability concept of good stewardship at play here.  Sustainable businesses engaged with stakeholders have a phenomenal opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing exceptional customer service.  
  • Industry has discovered the value of loyal customers: they buy more, buy more often, are cheaper to serve, have higher retention rates, and are more profitable than newly acquired customers.
  • Excellent customer care is the most important method for improving customer loyalty. Customer service personnel are the front line troops in the battle to win customer’s loyalty.
  • To provide good customer care, customer contact personnel have to be empowered with information and the authority to make decisions and to act in the customer’s behalf.
Find a service edge that can set you apart from your competitors and your customers will love you. 

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Name: Abby Brosmer-Rivera
Time: Thursday, February 12, 2009

Had to come check out the post... Looks great! Thank you!