Tips to Acquire and Manage Sustainability Knowledge

image: knowledgeReflecting back on a Taiga Company post from 2011, we once again discuss knowledge management and its role in business sustainability.  Our sustainability consulting believes the value of information in the rapidly changing landscape of business can accelerate both short and long-tern business sustainability.  But what are others saying?

The Forbes post, Ten Things You Need To Know About Managing Knowledge, explores the effective use of information in today’s business settings.  Focused primarily on research and development, our sustainability consulting feels the article has much to teach us the acquisition and application of sustainability concepts.  The highlights of this guidance include:

  • The amount of money that could be spent on accumulating knowledge is infinite: Knowledge is in principle limitless.
  • Knowledge has no value per se: Knowledge acquires value from use.
  • Spending on knowledge has negative value if organization doesn’t use it: Knowledge is only useful to those willing and able to learn.
  • The most valuable knowledge increasingly lies outside the organization.
  • The value of knowledge lies in improved outcomes for external customers or stakeholders.
  • What constitutes an improved outcome depends on the organization’s strategy: Outcomes must be assessed in terms of the organization’s strategy.
  • Outcomes need to be measured against the organizational strategy: Nothing can be managed unless and until it is measured.

Knowledge management and sustainability concepts are thought by many to be intricately aligned.  The ability to define, implement and manage future business opportunities depends largely on the availability and quality of information.  Our sustainability consulting promote the emerging role social media now plays in knowledge management.  Creating bridges between the corporate world and its stakeholders, social media closes the gap on knowledge management and business intelligence.

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