Top 10 Benefits of Bicycle Commuting Programs for Businesses

image: bike to workOftentimes clients committed to a sustainable lifestyle are interested in incorporating eco awareness into their work life as well.  Small business resources can be limited towards building a sustainable business; however, our sustainability consulting encourages employers to promote employee bicycling commuting as a great way to attract and retain those eco minded employees.
A MonsterTRACK study states that 80 percent of "young professionals" are interested in a career that makes a positive impact on the environment, and 92 percent prefer to work for a company that is ‘green’, environmentally friendly, or has some general eco awareness.
Commuting to work by bike can be a component of a business sustainability program.   Cycling as alternative transportation helps the environment by keeping CO2 out of the air and they require far less materials, energy and waste in their production than even the ‘greenest’ car. 
We explain in our eco friendly consulting the benefits to employers in adopting a bike commuting program:
  1. Increase worker productivity: Fit employees are more alert, more productive, perform better and more efficiently.
  2. Improve employee health.
  3. Lower health care costs: healthier employees can reduce health insurance costs.
  4. Reduce parking cost.
  5. Reduced carbon emissions.
  6. Reduce turnover: Employers who appreciate workers' personal needs have less employee turnover.
  7. Supporting bike commuting is less expensive than an in-office fitness facility.
  8. Improve work/ life balance: Bike commuting can be substituted for the gym, saving employee’s personal time.
  9. Community engagement: Bicycles can be produced and maintained locally by local bike shops contributing to local job opportunities as part of a sustainable economy.
  10. Improve company image.
There are benefits to the bike commuters as well.  Not only are employees expanding eco awareness in the community and within the business, they are also elevating their moods, saving money, and improving well being.     

Comments for Top 10 Benefits of Bicycle Commuting Programs for Businesses

Name: Susie Arak
Time: Friday, April 2, 2010

This is a great article! More businesses should be encouraging workers to use their bicycles to commute to the office. I ride my Montague folding bike to work and it has been really convenient.