Value of Stakeholder Engagement Continues to Make Headlines

image: engagementA recent Forbes Magazine article, Are Your Employees Engaged, captues a growing trend in the business world.  Shifting from the traditional “top-down” approach to business strategy and communication, today’s business sustainability leaders are instead seeking enhanced collaboration with their key resources.

“Too many firms fail to share data with employees. The secret is to push it down to frontline managers and ensure they’re measured on it…As a manager, you should get your scores, share them with your direct reports, and they’ll tell you how to improve. If we’re not doing a good enough job on communication, ask them what they want.”

Our sustainability consulting practice believes that increasing employee engagement means uniting the corporate sustainability plan with employee incentives. Whether you work in a corporate culture wherein employee action is encouraged or a more traditional culture with less interactive communication, there are strategies to further facilitate eco awareness and lead-up in the organization.

  • Engage management by incorporating sustainability targets as part of your personal performance metrics. 
  • Include sustainability concepts in your personal development plan.
  • Take on difficult projects where there is opportunity to make significant sustainable change in the current operation of the company.
  • Look for opportunities to link value and sustainability in all work activities and projects.
  • Become the person in the organization that others look to for sustainability knowledge and innovative ideas. 

When companies consider what other businesses have achieved through upward leadership, they can better appreciate their own opportunities for improved employee engagement.  In our sustainability consulting at Taiga Company, we work with clients to encourage employees to leverage their eco awareness and creative thoughts for the benefit of the organization.  Visit us to learn how interactive stakeholder communication and social media engagement strategies are changing the face of business.

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