Want a Green Energy Efficient Home? There's an App for that!

image: Verde iPad appLooking for eco home projects to do this summer that won’t set you back a lot of money or hurt the environment?   While there are numerous benefits to green living, some mistakenly think it requires more effort and costs more.  Not so!   Whether you're looking to freshen up your home or add some spark, why not opt for eco friendly options?   Sustainability concepts of energy efficiency, water conservation, and eco awareness can not only save you money and brighten your living space, but also reduce the load on the environment.

In fact, there's a new iPad app to help people perform an energy audit in their own home.   It's called Verde  and here's why it's a great tool for sustainable living:

  • The app can be used as many times as you want.
  • It  helps demonstrate to the average user how to save at least $200 each year in energy efficiency upgrades.
  • It can also be used to show how behavioral changes, like hibernating a computer or turning off lights in rooms unused, can lead to significant savings.
  • It educates its users on the money and carbon that can be saved by simply upgrading older appliances.
  • Overall, Verde is an educational tool dedicated to helping its users make better decisions for their pocketbooks and our planet.

So, why not transform your home into an eco haven?    Express your unique style and with eco awareness to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.  Following are resources offered in our eco friendly consulting classes to help you on your way:

More apps for a sustainable lifestyle:

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