What are the 5 Questions Leadership Must Answer for Sustainability to Drive Cost Savings, Risk Management and Social Responsibility?

image:  5 QuestionsConsider the following findings from the Hay Group: Research conducted worldwide shows that leadership contributes to 70% of corporate atmosphere, while corporate atmosphere contributes to 30% of corporate performance. Therefore, leadership can exert direct influence on 21% of corporate performance.   

Sustainable business leaders are evaluating new markets, new products, and going after the most innovative people.  In addition to executive management playing a critical role in the success of a company, business sustainability requires leadership across the entire organization.  While management may ultimately carry the responsibility of sustainable business results, employees have a part to play in the definition and implementation of the company’s business sustainability programs.  Whether led by a sustainability executive or traditional management, a sustainable organization has many teams and key roles for individuals seeking to become leaders.

Enter the role of supply chain professionals. Software Advice's latest blog post, 5 Questions to Start the Sustainable Supply Chain Conversation poses 5 key inquiries: 

  1. How can we better measure sustainability?
  2. How can we instill sustainability into our suppliers?
  3. How can we design more sustainable products?
  4. How can we avoid socially-negligent suppliers?
  5. Who can we trust to drive sustainability?

The recent emergence of sustainable supply chain management has provided companies with the opportunity to review processes, materials, and operational concepts from a different perspective.  It incorporates the role of the environment in supply chain value creation.  Encouraging you to read the full post here, it explores the five conversations that must occur within supply chain leadership for sustainability to become synonymous with reduced cost, risk mitigation and a socially-responsible business.  How is your organization improving the sustainability of its supply chain?