What Can Corporate Leaders Teach Us About Being a Green Innovator?

image: green leadersIt is hard to argue that business sustainability and economic growth are not the ultimate goals of most companies.  However, evidence shows that these efforts are best served by a strong and stable work environment.  Our sustainability consulting finds that successful business sustainability cultures focus on communication, learning, and enabled creativity.  We believe that by allowing for flexibility and promoting innovation across the value chain, an organization can increase shareholder value.  But what are others saying?

The recent GreenBiz article, Carpet Giant Interface Shares Pointers on Being a Green Innovator, explores the traits of a business sustainability leader.  Leveraging the lessons learned from a company that has set a high mark over the years, our sustainability consulting finds applicable guidance to our own business as well as the applied sustainability concepts of our clients.

“Interface conducts its research with three main goals in mind: footprint reduction, product innovation and inspired culture (which focuses on how much time and initiative employees commit to philanthropy and volunteering).”

Building on the insights from Interface, we refer back to a previous post, 8 Questions To Ask for Your Sustainable Innovation Strategy.  Herein, the product manufacture Kimberly-Clark offers its own guidance through some probing questions for any company’s business sustainability strategy.

  • Why is innovation so important to the company? 
  • What is the hoping to achieve with its innovation efforts? 
  • Some people are fond of saying that stage-gate processes stifle innovation. What do you think? 
  • What are some of the keys to building a balanced innovation portfolio? 
  • What is the most important culture change for organizations to make in order to support innovation? 
  • What skills do you believe that managers need to acquire to succeed in an innovation-led organization? 
  • If you were to change one thing about our educational system to better prepare students to contribute in the innovation workforce of tomorrow, what would it be? 

By enabling the business sustainability strategies with ‘creative purpose’, a company finds a powerful vehicle to meet its goals of profit, growth, and revenue.  At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting provides small business resources and tools to help clients incorporate purpose driven innovation process into their business sustainability plans.  Visit us to learn more.



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