What Can M&As Teach Us About Sustainable Talent Management?

image: merge lanesAs our sustainability consulting has discussed over the years, there is a growing business sustainability demand to maintain a strong talent pool in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.  Thus, sustainable talent management  has become a business sustainability best practice.  Examples of these leading efforts come in many forms, and our sustainability consulting constantly gathers new insights.

Following the numerous corporate mergers and acquisitions over the last few years, we find that there are sustainable talent management lessons to be gained in the integration of business cultures.  Leveraging an article from The Verge, Failure is a Feature: How Google Stays Sharp Gobbling Up Startups, our sustainability consulting practice gains great insight into the merging of talent from one of the more innovative business sustainability cultures at Google.

“Part of what makes acquiring companies so difficult for many corporations is that the same characteristics which make a great entrepreneur — a near lunatic focus and ambition — can become problematic within a large organization full of its own well-established hierarchies and procedures.”

In what the article headlines as ‘Visualizing Google’s Growth’, our sustainability consulting captures some broad yet applicable themes:

  • Empower the Entrepreneur: Google’s quirky culture has always embraced risk takers.
  • Keep Things Moving: freedom plays a big role in keeping talent at Google, even when an acquisition doesn’t work out as intended.
  • Nobody’s Perfect: in the midst of this success, there have certainly been some glaring failures.
  • More Wood, Fewer Arrows: “To a large degree you’re expected to decide what project is right for you.”

Following the successes and failures of many numerous corporate mergers and acquisitions, like those at Google, we remain firm in our belief that the ability to plan and take action to address resource demands is a defining characteristic of business sustainability success.  Our sustainability consulting works with businesses to understand the value of the right talent in strengthening both the company’s reputation and capturing market value.

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