What Happens When the Sustainability’s Low Hanging Fruit is Gone?

image: fruitIt is not all than uncommon for companies to hit the ‘snooze button’ the last few weeks of the year.  This often results in a need to get things going quickly in the first quarter.  Scrambling to play catch-up in the first few months, many organizations may find that this year the ‘quick hits’ may not be as plentiful as they have been in the past.  Our sustainability consulting examines this phenomenon through the eyes of a business sustainability leader.

The recent GreenBiz article, What to Do When You've Picked All the Low-Hanging Fruit, takes us on one company’s ‘sustainability journey’ at mid cycle.  Reflecting back on Interface’s last four years of efforts, the post examines the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for this business sustainability pioneer.

“We are left to wonder what the cost has been of all the stops and starts. To a certain extent, we end up reinventing the wheel in each economic cycle. What would be possible for Mission Zero if we designed a more resilient system for organizational learning that could drive rapid progress even in bad times?”  -Interface

Not new to the challenges of shifting expectations, Interface has reinvented itself time and time again over the years.  Standing at the crossroads once again in 2012, the company continues forward on its business sustainability journey.

“This is not the first time Interface has found itself in uncharted territory on its sustainability journey and the one thing that is certain is that we will need to adapt and learn together. In fact, we believe that continuing to develop our ability to learn as an organization, even in the face of economic uncertainties, holds the key to achieving Mission Zero while growing our business globally.” -Interface

Our professional consulting has observed that the companies that excel are those who expand and enhance traditional business structures.   Among many other advanced business improvement pursuits, sustainable businesses strategies aimed to increase profitability are targeting enhanced engagement as a high value opportunity in 2012.  Interface has reached a turning point in its journey and is targeting increased performance within its supply chain.

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