What is New in Sustainable Talent Management? Google It!

image: focus“Companies have long sought to boost their employees' performance through training and leadership programs. U.S. businesses spent $171.5 billion on learning and development in 2010.” - American Society for Training and Development.

Building upon these statistics, our sustainability consulting has long believed that in order to compete and differentiate in today’s multi-skilled economy a company must have the right mix of talent.  However, sourcing these needed competencies can come at a considerable cost, especially in what many believe to be a turning point in the current job market.  The question then becomes: Are efforts and resources better spent on talent acquisition or talent development ?

Exploring the development route, our sustainability turns its attention to the Wall Street Journal.  In a recent post, School's in Session at Google, we find the innovation giant implementing new business sustainability strategies to improve its sustainable talent management.  The company’s aim is not so much to increase interest in the company from outside, but to enhance the value of its resources already in the door.  

"What's important is that it aligns with our overall business strategy," says Karen May, Google's Vice President of Leadership and Talent

Highly effective organizations in the current climate recognize the talent of the future does not reside exclusively or even in a large part outside the walls of the current organization.  Instead, these leaders (like Google) are creating business sustainability cultures to define, retain and motivate their top internal eco-talent.  Through consistent, clear communication and employee engagement, companies are creating an optimal mix of sustainable skills for the future.  

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