What Is Your Olympic Victory?

image: vonn_goldAre you captivated by the Olympics?  Being a witness to the triumphs, the discipline, and the dedication of the amazing athletes in their call to Olympic glory?  I am.  But it's not just the actual Olympic event that is intriguing.  It's the journey of the athletes.  It's their story.  It's the daily choices and actions that incrementally lead to their day of Olympic triumph.  As my wise coach says, training happens every day.
So is the case with sustainability- whether that is on an individual basis or as a corporate sustainability plan.  First, there's the vision.  But to reach that vision, daily action is required as a mindset or parameters to guide choices in the direction of the vision. 
As a sustainability consultant, I am engaged in a quite a bit of discussion defining what sustainability in business is, how it can be applied, and why businesses may or may not be ready.  Similar discussions prevail with individuals interested in living a sustainable lifestyle.  While there are business sustainability frameworks to guide corporate eco actions towards a corporate vision and there are sustainability concepts for individuals to follow, they really don't matter if they aren't exercised. 
If the athletes didn't do their daily workouts, they would not be at the Olympics.  Much like the Olympic athletes, if we as businesses leaders and individuals don't exercise the discipline and focus of daily eco awareness in our choices and actions, what will be our Olympic victory?

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