What Makes a Great CSR/ Sustainability Blog?

image: blog communicationsThe requirements to build and maintain a sustainable business today are quite different than they were just ten years ago.  The triple bottom line, also known as people, planet, profit is recognized by sustainability professionals as the the three pillars of sustainability.  In essence -a process by which firms manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities.   

Companies on the leading edge are evaluating the economic, social and environmental impacts that will ultimately affect profitability.  Green business practices are becoming more and more the norm, as companies both large and small realize the value of integrating eco awareness and sustainability concepts into their operations and business strategies.  But, how are small and large sized businesses communicating their sustainability successes? With sustainability concepts and definitions still subject to interpretation and debate, there are challenges to effectively and clearly communicating the business sustainability message. Enter the world of blogging.

So what about blogging for a sustainable purpose?  Anyone can blog and there are countless sustainability and CSR blogs available to read. The key is discovering the key elements of what makes a great CSR/ sustainability blog great. Here's what we think:

Good blogs have a voice.

Good blogs offer education.

Good blogs compel readers to eco action.

The biggest contribution anyone can make in the sustainability space is to share, communicate, and inspire others by living the example of how sustainability works in your life or business.  Blogging as a sustainable purpose is a vehicle that offers a communication channel so others can learn from your eco actions and discover the value of sustainability for themselves. Examples of leading CSR/ sustainability blogs include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

Which ones are your favorites? 

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