What Role Does Engagement Play in Sustainable Category Management?

image: processThe CPO Rising post, Category Sourcing Scorecard – Internal Factors, examines the factors that drive the success of sustainable supply chain management segmentation.  While there are a number of influencers which can affect the management of supply categories, our sustainability consulting practice will narrow the discussion to the role of stakeholder engagement in this process.

“The timing may be right and the market conditions may be favorable, but if the stakeholders have no interest in working with the sourcing team to award a new contract and potentially finding a new supplier, an otherwise “quick win” category may not be that quick to source nor provide a big savings win. Savings, after all, must be implemented; so, a sourcing project run against the wishes of the key stakeholders is less likely to gain traction within the enterprise.”

Our sustainability consulting practice has observed how many leading companies now recognize the unique value in evaluating sustainable supply chain management and supplier relationship management from an evolved perspective.  It has become more important than ever to have aligned goals, objectives, incentives, and processes with key business sustainability stakeholders.  But the supply base must be engaged for these concepts to gain traction.

If performed effectively, stakeholder engagement can positively impact the outcome of business sustainability decision making.  Our professional consulting encourages business to leverage technology and social media engagement strategies to engage vested parties in the discussion to propel the organization to greater success.

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