Where is Your Business on the Green Road Map?

image: roadmap to successNot all businesses and individuals are at the same level of sustainability understanding or implementation.  Whether your company is just becoming familiar with the concept of business sustainability or is sustainability leader in your industry, there are sustainable performance improvements that can help move your organization up the scale.

Companies often compromise by focusing on the short-term immediate gains at the expense to long-term value creation.  As a sustainability consultant we encourage clients to realize that the pursuit of business sustainability is a continuous long-term commitment - it's a journey, not a destination. 

Determining the criteria that will move you up the business sustainability scale, from where your company currently resides, is an important distinction. Breaking down a business sustainability plan into manageable steps will ensure that the approach is aligned in with your overall sustainability objectives.  At the same time, it will not overwhelm the business or your employees

Benchmarking where your business is on the green road map offers visibility to the eco actions to take and a means to measure and report on your progress.  Moving to ‘Business Sustainability Awareness’ includes:

•    Identify business sustainability potential.
•    Obtain leadership support.
•    Educate your stakeholders.
•    Set a vision for business sustainability.

The true value capture from business sustainability will come from the successful implementation of sustainability concepts and strategies.  Moving to ‘Business Sustainability Implementation’ includes:

•    Develop sustainability strategies linked to business drivers.
•    Clearly communicate an action plan.
•    Engage key stakeholders  in the sustainability plan.
•    Establish business sustainability policies and standards.

Managing a successful sustainability plan is a continuous process  that does not end with implementation.  Engaging with your stakeholders on the outside business world drives continuous improvement in the business.  Moving to ‘Business Sustainability Leadership’ includes:

•    Monitor and review successes and failures with stakeholders.
•    Capture and implement lessons learned.
•    Benchmark progress with industry and cross-industry sustainability leaders.

At Taiga Company, we recognize that each business is uniquely positioned somewhere along the sustainability scale.  Our  business resources work with clients to develop a successful sustainability plan that meets specific business needs- placing your business on the green road map.

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