Why Social Media Engagement Is Important In The New Economy

social media and the economy“The current economic recovery, fragile though it is, promises to produce an even greater surge of innovation as the pace of technological change accelerates and different technologies are combined more frequently in novel ways.”

This insightful comment taken from the KPMG post, A New Wave of Collaborative Innovation, shares a similar view to our sustainability consulting on collaboration.  Focusing heavily on manufacturing, the article provides statistics on two-communication’s impact on innovation successes.  We apply this information to examine social media engagement impacts on business sustainability.

Sustainability and social media together offer a refreshing and innovative approach to business.  Beyond the more familiar and tradition business value drivers of out-bound CSR communication or internal stakeholder engagement, our sustainability consulting explores some of the lesser known but equally viable social avenues to value.

  • Engaging consumers in growth markets 
  • Focusing interactions around ethical finance 
  • Accessing concerns and opportunities to address shareholder value

The use of social media collaboration technologies can help organizations break down silos and facilitate knowledge sharing across business units, corporate functions and stakeholders. Social media provides individuals, communities, businesses, and non-government organizations the ability to connect with business in meaningful discussion from anywhere in the world in real time.   As a result, many businesses have already realized value by incorporating social media into traditional business processes including marketing, sales, PR, customer support, and product development.

At Taiga Company, we find that social media success can no longer a defined by how well your company communicates its message to the external world.  In the new economy, social media engagement is rapidly becoming a critical business sustainability skill that is affecting the bottom line.  Visit us for information and tools to assess the social space around your business. 

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Time: Saturday, December 1, 2012

Really good info about social media for business. I thankfull to you for this info.